How this dryers work?

Three heating levels:

Low 45ºC

Medium 55ºC

High 65ºC


1€ for 10 minutes.

You can accumulate more minutes for each euro you put on.


Use of the dryers

Check the label in your clothes. (The pictogram of a dryer is a circle inside a square).

In our experience the best settings are (just as an orientation, check always the label):

–  Feather comforters: 65ºC from 20 to 40 minutes

–  Blankets, synthetic comforters and bedspreads: 55ºC from 10 to 20 minutes (it depends on the size)

–  Towels and sheets. 55ºC from 10 to 30 minutes (it depends on the quantity)

–  Regular clothes: 55ºC from 20 to 30 minutes (it depends on the quantity)

–  Technical clothing, with reflective or plastic elements: 45ºC from 10 to 20 minutes.

–  Mattress protectors: 45ºC from 20 to 40 minutes (always with the zippers closed. Be careful, the fabric on the inside may burn)

–  Pillows: 45ºC from 10 to 20 minutes

–  Sneakers, shoes and footwear in general: Never put them on the dryer.


Have in mind that dryers work with hot air; if you put too many clothes on the dryer’s drum, the air flow cannot circulate and your clothes won’t dry properly. Also, they will have more risk to be burned on the area where the hot air hits the most. It’s not worth it to lose your clothes trying to save just 1€.